Years ago, I found myself overwhelmed with the custom framing, printing of branded elements, sewing of fabrics, shopping for items, and the instillation of it all. I was reluctant to hand that job over because it took such an understanding of the brand and our culture. The team at Huber quickly won over my total trust and confidence with their commitment to getting things exactly correct. Their work ethic, dependability, attention to detail, accuracy, and desire to make us happy, has resulted in a phenomenal working relationship with people we now consider friends.
— Stacy Brown, Founder, Chicken Salad Chick
We have been working with Huber Decor for almost 10 years and it has been a very enjoyable experience. Their attentiveness to our needs, response to our requests, and interest in our program have been superior. They understand our Brand and provide top notch service, often going above and beyond to service our needs. Their entire team’s interaction with us has made for an extremely efficient and well-groomed relationship. They are a great Vendor/Partner.
— R. Hey| Brand Design Manager Longhorn/Olive Garden | Manager of Project Development Darden Corporation
I want to personally thank each of you for your role in the process that created all of the wonderful décor in the new restaurant. It looks fabulous. This was our first “in-line” space with two demising walls to deal with, plus a unique rear entrance. I appreciate all of the help and support you guys gave us to do another good job. We opened the restaurant today, and we are getting lots of good comments from our guests. I interviewed with Business First the other day and threw your name in there to say what a good job you guys always do, and I invited their photographer to come our restaurant to take photos - and I think they are going to do it, depending on the layout of their article and available space. Thanks again for a great job.
— J Gillenwater | McAllister's
Huber decor is an excellent decor business that builds and installs decor in restaurants and many other things. The people and work environment there are great, everyone is always so happy and driven and they have some really talented designers. The owner works just as hard and is always right in the mix with everyone making sure things are being accomplished efficiently. They always provide their customers with decor of the highest quality! Everyone works well as a team to make it happen, too! Huber will help you find the decor you want, build it at the shop and professionally install it for you in a timely fashion!
— Leroy